Protecting wildlife and reducing auto collisions in Wyoming

The WYldlife Fund, a charitable nonprofit partner of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, recently announced the South Kemmerer HWY189 Wildlife Crossing Project. Spire Storage is proud to be one of the six major donors to this project.  

The South Kemmerer HWY189 Wildlife Crossing Project will reduce wildlife-vehicle collisions and promote habitat connectivity for big game by directing animals to existing and new wildlife crossing structures.  

According to the WYldlife Fund, over 6,000 big game animals die each year from collisions with vehicles on Wyoming's highways and interstates, with the vast majority involving mule deer. At the current rate, there are 21 big game collisions every day in Wyoming, eight of which involve significant damage to vehicles, and human injury or both.  

Wyoming Department of Transportation and Wyoming Game and Fish Department have documented especially significant wildlife-vehicle collisions with mule deer and pronghorn along a 28-mile stretch of Highway 189 in southwest Wyoming, from mile marker 2 to 30. 

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