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For CenterPoint and Dominion customers in Ohio

If you're a CenterPoint of Ohio or Dominion Energy customer and have questions about Spire as your new natural gas supplier, please contact us.


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Commercial and industrial

Doug Tom | End-user marketing representative
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Scheduling and contract administration

Amy Plander | Director, gas operations and contract administration
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Mark Hammel | Gas scheduler
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Connor Hanson | Gas scheduler
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Cameron Klapesky | Gas scheduler
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Jennifer Schroeder |  Senior gas scheduler
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Sean Maki | Senior gas scheduler
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Elizabeth Flores | Senior gas scheduler
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Spire contacts

Pat Strange | President 
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John Grass | Senior vice president, marketing and origination 
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Zach Boles | Director, systems and financial trading
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Ben Conner | Director, Southeast business development
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John Elmore | Director, transportation
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Michael Brown | Director, business development (Texas)
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Tom Harrington | Director,  trading
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Terri Tidmore | Director, Mid-continent business development
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Neil OBrien | Manager, natural gas trading
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John Chickey | Wholesale originator
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Amanda Thacker | Wholesale originator
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Kayla Hull | Trader
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