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Natural gas sales and wholesale purchasing

Spire Marketing's natural gas sales and wholesale purchasing overview

Your needs are as unique as your business, so whether you’re an industrial client looking for a full-requirements supply agreement, a power plant looking for intraday or 24/7 peaking service, or a large investor-owned utility looking for baseload or peaking supply, we’ll identify the optimal solution for you. Here’s how.

  • Pricing: Using our pipeline and storage capacity, we facilitate natural gas delivering under flexible pricing structures. We also offer a wide range of related services like asset and risk management
  • Protection: We take pride in our dedication to reliability because it means peace of mind for you. We protect against supply disruptions that can happen on the upstream pipeline grid by maintaining a portfolio of geographically diverse transportation assets
  • Access: We have access to and from many major supply hubs, and our flexible underground storage contracts make it possible for us to inject and withdraw large quantities of gas with little notice—so you don’t experience interruptions in service or supply 

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