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Read more about how we’re adding to our Midstream portfolio with the acquisition of Salt Plains natural gas storage facility in Oklahoma

Spire Storage adds natural gas storage facility in Oklahoma

We’re pleased to announce that we purchased the Salt Plains natural gas storage facility in Oklahoma. This facility is a valuable addition to our Midstream portfolio. 

On April 1, we acquired the facility from Rockpoint Gas Storage. The facility now will be known as Spire Storage Salt Plains. We welcomed the facility’s employees as employees of Spire Storage, and we anticipate a smooth transition for all current Salt Plains customers and vendors.

Spire Storage is committed to the long-term success of the Salt Plains facility and to being a positive, contributing member of Manchester, Oklahoma, and the surrounding communities. Learn more here.

Spire Storage Salt Plains: By the numbers

Salt Plains is a depleted reservoir natural gas storage facility located in Manchester, Oklahoma, in Grant County near the Kansas border. Here are some facts about the facility:

  • Certificated working gas capacity of 10 billion cubic feet (Bcf), with a peak withdrawal rate of 150 million cubic feet per day (MMCF/d) and a peak injection rate of 115 MMCF/d
  • Equipped with 10,000 horsepower of compression and 30 storage wells  
  • Interconnected with Southern Star Central Pipeline and ONEOK Gas Transportation transmission lines via a 12.5 mile, 16-inch header

We’re here to support you

If you have questions about the Spire Storage Salt Plains facility or how we can serve you with storage-related services from our Wyoming or Salt Plains facilities, please reach out to us at

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