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If you’re a manufacturing facility, asphalt plant, school, hospital, retail or commercial business, ethanol or other chemical producer, we’ll use our extensive experience working with interstate pipelines and utilities to identify where and how we can minimize your natural gas costs.

Here’s how we can serve you:

  • Reliable natural gas supply – We have a long history of providing uninterrupted natural gas service.
  • Responsive service – Our industrial marketers are always available and can adapt quickly to meet your evolving needs.
  • Knowledgeable account management – We’ll help you understand your natural gas requirements, monitor metered usage and adjust natural gas deliveries to balance supply and save you money.
  • Low-cost natural gas – To pass savings onto you, we regularly evaluate cost-saving opportunities.
  • Optimization – We provide a variety of services, like asset management, that allow you to maximize savings on natural gas.
  • Natural gas hedging – We make it easy for you to hedge your natural gas supply by providing timely market information, pricing and reliable execution.
  • Analysis and reporting – Our timely reports give you the information you need to make decisions about budgeting and planning. And we’re happy to provide an analysis of this data at any time.
  • Personal service – Our team is always available to answer questions and talk about your needs.

Power generators are changing the landscape of the natural gas marketplace. Unlike the more traditional heating and industrial gas customers, power generators have the ability to cycle gas supply on and off throughout the day.

We understand that generators need partners with flexibility. From our extensive portfolio of pipeline and storage assets to our team’s availability during off-hours and weekends, we’ll provide that flexibility around the clock, at a fair price.

Here’s how you’ll benefit by partnering with us:

  • 24-hour service and flexibility to address any unexpected issues or concerns
  • Flexible and market-based pricing alternatives during normal trading hours
  • Accurate nominations and scheduling of all timely and intraday volumes
  • Fair pricing when intraday purchases and sales are required
  • Purchasing supply from stable and creditworthy companies

Whether you are a local distribution company (LDC), a municipal utility provider or an energy cooperative, we’ll find ways to optimize the value of your assets by offering:

  • Asset Management Agreements – We’ll find ways to unlock savings for you by identifying underutilized natural gas storage or transportation assets, creating economies of scale and collaborating with other assets and markets.
  • Fixed price opportunities – Since we always have an eye on the market, we can offer you the option to lock into fixed pricing from an index-priced position.
  • Hedging and alternative fuel choices – We utilize a variety of methods, according to each customer’s needs, to lock-in value, maximize your return on assets and minimize your risks.
  • Enhanced flexibility – We’ll provide a tailored bundled service that enhances the flexibility of your asset.
  • Pipeline storage – We’ll help you plan and contract pipeline and storage capacity.

Our schools are an essential part of the communities we serve. We provide them with cost savings where and when we can.

We’ll deliver natural gas supply to the local utility who serves the school at the economical rate we’ve negotiated for them. The dollars saved through this process can be applied to fund school programs that enrich lives and communities.

Here are some of the benefits we offer schools, under the natural gas aggregation/transportation program: 

  • Simple participation process
  • Reliable natural gas supply and delivery
  • Greater control over cost through the physical hedging of cost on the New York Mercantile exchange
  • Personal and responsive account management
  • Low-cost, competitive natural gas
  • Comprehensive analysis and reporting to help with future decision-making

Maintaining unique, close relationships with producers isn’t just the right thing to do—it’s crucial to providing the natural gas supply that our customers expect. And, due to our unique position in the marketplace, we also offer services that help producers operate more efficiently and productively.

Visit the Producer Services section of our site to learn more.