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We know that your needs are as unique as your business, so whether you are an industrial client looking for a full-requirements supply agreement, a power plant looking for intraday or 24/7 peaking service, or a large investor-owned utility looking for baseload or peaking supply, we’ll identify the perfect solution for you. Here’s a little bit about how we do that.


Using our pipeline and storage capacity, we facilitate natural gas deliveries under flexible pricing structures. We also offer a wide range of related services like asset and risk management.


We take pride in our dedication to reliability because it means peace of mind for you. We protect against supply disruptions that can occur on the upstream pipeline grid by maintaining a portfolio of geographically diverse transportation assets.


We have access to and from many major supply hubs, and our flexible underground storage contracts make it possible for us to inject and withdraw large quantities of gas with little notice—so you don’t experience interruptions in service or supply.

Without firm transportation on pipelines or adequate storage capacity, your assets can go underutilized for significant periods of time.

We believe in taking a strategic approach to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Our energy managers have been maximizing the value of assets, providing security and saving our customers money for decades. Using this experience, we’ll provide individualized services and solutions based on your unique set of assets and needs.

By using economies of scale, hedging and working with other assets or markets, we can:

  • Optimize and generate value for any underutilized natural gas asset.
  • Lock-in value, maximize return on assets and minimize risks.
  • Reduce complexity and administrative costs associated with managing the assets.
  • Provide a custom, bundled service that enhances your asset’s flexibility.

We help our customers minimize risk and avoid price volatility, while consistently meeting their supply needs.

Each producer, wholesaler and end-user has different priorities when it comes to managing risk. While an effective risk management plan will likely use a combination of tools, each plan is customized to match your exact priorities.

Our Risk Management tools include:

  • Fixed price hedging
  • Price caps
  • Price floors
  • Collars
  • Monthly or daily floating prices

We buy and sell gas daily, so we understand the industry.

This insight gives us the ability to provide accurate and reliable pricing while also executing orders on time.

Our wholesale natural gas traders and gas schedulers are experts in hedging, storage, transportation and optimization. In addition to their expertise, our extensive asset portfolio helps us reduce overall costs and pass our savings onto you.

Here’s how we do it:

  • A specialty in intraday, after-hour, weekend and holiday gas supply needs
  • Transportation and storage arbitrage
  • Access to these major pipelines:
    • ANR Pipeline Company
    • Atmos
    • Carthage
    • Columbia Gulf Transmission (CGT)
    • Dominion Transmission (DTI)
    • Enable Gas Transmission (EGT)
    • Enable Oklahoma Intrastate (EOIT)
    • Enstor
    • ETC Tiger Pipeline (Tiger)
    • Fayetteville Express (FEP)
    • Florida Gas Transmission (FGT)
    • Gulf South Pipeline Company
    • Mississippi River Transmission (MRT)
    • Midcontinent Express (MEP)
    • MoGas Pipeline LLC
    • Natural Gas Pipeline (NGPL)
    • Northern Border
    • Northern Natural
    • ONEOK Gas Transportation (OGT)
    • ONEOK WesTex Transmission (OWT)
    • Ozark Gas Transmission
    • Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line Company (PEPL)
    • Regency
    • Rockies Express Pipeline (REX)
    • Southeast Supply Header (SESH)
    • Southern Natural (Sonat)
    • Southern Star (SSC)
    • Tallgrass Interstate Gas Transmission (TGIT)
    • Texas Eastern (TETCO)
    • Texas Gas Boardwalk
    • Texas Gas Transmission (TGT)
    • Trailblazer Pipeline
    • Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line (Transco)
    • Trunkline Gas Company (TGC)


Our relationships with producers play a crucial role in supplying the energy that fuels businesses, schools, cities and homes. So we challenge ourselves daily to offer you competitive pricing and reliable service.

As a producer, here’s a look at what we can offer you:

  • Firm markets for gas supply on a short- or long-term basis
  • Management of wellhead volumes and gathering agreements
  • Nominations and confirmation of all producer and pipeline agreements
  • 24-hour availability for any issues that arise—operational or otherwise
  • Flexible pricing alternatives from index-based pricing to fixed price
  • Timely calculation and payment of wellhead taxes and gathering charges
  • Market analysis and pricing recommendations to help producers make educated decisions when managing their portfolios