Hero - Call Before You Dig
Call before you dig

One call can keep you safe

You may be planting a tree or installing an in-ground pool, either way, calling before you dig keeps you—and those around you—safe.

Since pipelines are underground and can’t be seen, it’s understandable that the leading cause of damage is digging by homeowners and construction crews. Fortunately, this can be prevented by calling 811 before you dig.

Four steps for safe digging:

Step 1: Make the call. Dial 811 to request that your project area be marked. The call and the locating services are free.

Step 2: Pause. You should call at least three days before you plan to dig. A locator will come by and mark the pipelines that could be impacted by your project. That way, you know when to be careful and everyone stays safe.

Step 3: Follow the marks. Spire lines will be marked with yellow flags and/or spray paint. If the marks fade before you begin your project, simply dial 811 again to have them remarked.

Step 4: Dig with care. Be careful when digging around the markers to avoid accidentally damaging buried lines.

Digging FAQs:
What should I do if I disturb or damage a pipeline?

Always call us. Even a small gouge, scrape, dent or crease can cause a future rupture or leak. The only way to make sure that pipeline is safe for use is to have an expert at Spire repair the damage. In some states, it’s actually against the law not to report damage. So never hesitate to call.

What’s an easement?

Before we install gas lines, we always work with property owners to acquire an easement. An easement—also known as a right of way—is the right to use property, which is why your yard may have utilities buried underneath it. 

Can I build or dig on an easement?

Having access to pipeline easements is extremely important. If a pipeline crosses your property, we ask that you not plant tall shrubs in that area. Also, call us before you dig, build or place anything near the easement. We’ll mark or stake the area and explain the company’s construction guidelines.