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Stay on track with Budget Billing

Budget Billing overview

Whether it's your natural gas bill in the winter or your electricity and water bill in the summer, utility bills tend to fluctuate depending on the season. That's why it's always nice to know what to expect when you see your monthly statement.

At Spire, we offer Budget Billing so you won't be surprised by your bill from month to month.

Here's how Budget Billing works at Spire

  • First, check to make sure your account is paid in full 
  • Enroll by giving us a call or by logging in to your online account
  • We'll take your average annual usage and spread it out across twelve months, and that will be your budget amount due each month
  • Once a year, during the anniversary of the month you enrolled in Budget Billing, we'll recalculate your budget amount based on your actual usage and other factors like gas costs and rates. Note: Your budget amount could increase or decrease all depending on those factors
  • Remember, if you enroll in DollarHelp, your monthly donation will be added on top of your budget amount
Want to enroll?

It’s easy. Just click the button below or give us a call. As always, thank you for letting us serve you — all twelve months out of the year.