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You rely on natural gas to turn houses into homes.

Imagine walking a couple through your model home as you paint a picture of a day where, from the moment they wake up, the house is warm, the shower is hot and the cooking is faster, all thanks to natural gas.

Homeowners like to save money, but they also like things that add value to their home. And as a builder, efficient, affordable and reliable natural gas is a powerful selling advantage. It’s versatile enough to be used in nearly any indoor or outdoor application, and because gas appliances have fewer moving parts, your buyers can expect more years of service with less maintenance.


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Build with gas
Did you know?

A home built with natural gas appliances will sell for about six percent more on average than a comparable electric home. Buyers like an upscale feel that’s still affordable, and natural gas unlocks countless opportunities to give them more of what they’re looking for.

Woman using computer
Woman using computer

Homebuyers prefer natural gas for heating, cooking, water heating, clothes drying and outdoor living. Natural gas appliances have lower operating costs and get the job done with less energy.


Natural gas is abundant so there’s no need to worry about supply. And because our pipes are underground, outages are rare – and you can even depend on some gas appliances when the power is out.

An advantage in every room
For heating

There’s simply nothing better than cozy morning warmth when it’s cold outside. With natural gas, heat coming out of the vents is 25 degrees warmer when compared to an electric heat pump. 

For better showers

Gas water heaters also heat twice as fast so you can wash dishes, do laundry and take a shower, all at the same time.

For softer laundry

Reaching full heat instantly, gas dryers dry faster with less tumbling, extending the life of clothes and virtually eliminating static cling. And, at  just $40 a year to operate on average, that's up to $1,500 in savings over the life of a dryer when compared to other fuel sources.

For tastier dinners

97 percent of professional chefs prefer natural gas for its instant response and precise temperature control. Gas ranges last six years longer and cost 30 percent less to operate than other fuel sources, on average.

For cozier evenings

Luxurious warmth with no wood to carry, no ashes to clean up, and no sparks or creosote to worry about. No wonder gas fireplaces rank among the top three most desired features in a home. Plus they add significant value.

For fun summer barbecues

One of the biggest home trends is extending the outdoor-living season via gas-powered outdoor kitchens, grills, fireplaces, fire pits, patio heaters, pool and spa heaters and dramatic lighting like torches.

I want to build with natural gas

We’re here to support you in providing your customers with all the benefits of natural gas.

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