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Pipeline upgrades and improvements

We’re improving our infrastructure to serve you even better

Spire’s energy exists to fuel your businesses and warm your homes. Our greatest responsibility is making sure that energy is safe and reliable. So our crews are always working to improve natural gas pipeline infrastructure and upgrade our pipelines on your streets and in your neighborhoods. If you happen to see them, stop by and say hello. They’ll be happy you did.​ 

What to expect

Anytime there’s work being done in your neighborhood or community, it’s nice to know what to expect. We make sure we stay in touch with the residents and businesses affected by our work, providing updates along the way.  

Since project times vary, keep an eye out for letters, door tags and phone calls that will give you a good feel for how long the project will take. We’ll also let you know if we need you to reach out to us for any reason. 

If your natural gas service line has been upgraded and you’re connected to the new gas main, we’ll work to get your life back to normal. One of Spire’s technicians will relight your natural gas appliances. And, we won't consider the job completed until all roads, sidewalks and lawns are fully restored. 

And if we’re working in your community to improve natural gas pipeline infrastructure, we’ll work to minimize disruption along roadways and make sure we’re keeping you informed through on-site signage.   

We know you probably still have a lot of questions, so look out for more communications from us. In the meantime, explore our frequently asked questions below. 

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    Frequently asked questions
    What should I do if I’m not the property owner?

    In this case, go ahead and send anything you receive to the property owner. Then, we can work with you and the owner to organize access to the property.

    Will there be any interruption in my gas service?

    At some point, we may need to turn off the gas to your home for a short period of time (usually less than four hours) in order to switch your natural gas service to the new main. We will always provide plenty of notice before shutting off service.

    Does the gas service line on my property have to be replaced?

    Typically, yes. In some cases, if the service line was recently replaced with plastic pipe and the meter is already located outside your home, the line on your property can be left as is.

    If my meter is moved outside, where will it be located?

    In most cases, the meter will be relocated to the side of your home near the front. We’ll always try to keep the meter outside of any fenced areas.

    Do I need to contact anyone to set an appointment for work at my property?

    No. When we start the work on your street, we’ll make sure you receive a door tag asking you to contact the project foreman to schedule the necessary work on your property. The faster you respond, the easier it is for everyone involved.

    Do I need to be at home when the work is being done?

    No. We’ll work with you on coordinating access to your property so that we can relight natural gas appliances and perform other services as needed.

    Will traffic be blocked on my street?

    Yes. There may be times when equipment will temporarily block the street, but our crews are always there to make sure you can get through when needed.

    How long will it take to complete the project?

    It depends. Construction for pipeline replacement projects can last anywhere from three weeks to six months. Traffic, street size, weather and soil types all play a role in how long projects take. However, the gas to your home should only be turned off for a short period of time, and we’ll work to minimize the impact our work has on you throughout the project.