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Corporate Social Responsibility

At Spire, our goal is to do more with energy. To continue innovating, doing what's right and pushing the boundaries of what's possible. Our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives bring that goal to life. Read more in our 2019 CSR Report. 

Announcing our second annual CSR report - a report filled with information about all the ways we care for our customers, communities and the environment. 

Highlights of our 2019 report: 

  • Natural gas is an abundant, primary energy source that can be used in its natural form. Through an efficient, modernized delivery system, 91% of natural gas makes it directly into homes and appliances from its original source. The fact is - electricity is a secondary energy source that is generated from other sources such as coal, natural gas, oil, wind or solar energy. And, by the time electricity makes it to your home, only 36% of the original energy remains. The rest is lost between the generation and transportation process.
  • We know natural gas plays an important part in a sustainable energy future. Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel available. It's so efficient that switching from coal to natural gas for the production of electricity reduces greenhouse gas emissions by an average of 53 percent, and it's only getting more efficient.
  • We know we're doing the right thing. Through our steadfast pipeline upgrade efforts, we've reduced methane emissions by more than 39 percent since 2005, and we project a nearly 54 percent reduction by 2025, putting us well ahead of international standards that call for commitments of a 26 to 28 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions nationwide by 2025. 
  • We know our next steps. We'll continue upgrading our aging infrastructure and setting bold methane reduction goals. And, by midcentury, we're committed to being a carbon neutral company. We'll also continue to explore innovative ways to protect our environment while serving our customers better than ever better. That's our promise, and we always keep our promises. 
Governance and policy updates

We recently published several governance policies based on our CSR initiatives. 

Human Rights Policy

Spire is committed to respecting human rights in our own operations and complying with the laws of the states in which we do business. 

Environmental Policy & Principles

We believe we all have a shared responsibility to care for our planet. As an energy company, we honor that responsibility, operating with environmental safety and sustainability in mind. 

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2019 report

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2018 report

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