Building accessible playgrounds for families to build memories

With playgrounds all over the United States, Unlimited Play relies on local generous donors and sponsors to raise money to build these all-inclusive playgrounds. And even after a team is assembled to build each playground, there are times where extra hands are needed to take action. 

Building playgrounds close to our homes—and hearts 

This year, Spire field operations employees used paid volunteer hours to rebuild and revitalize two Unlimited Play parks as part of Spire’s Day for Good initiative – one in Herculaneum, Missouri, and one in Green Park, Missouri.

A hero from Herculaneum  

Kade Bauman was diagnosed with epilepsy and hypotonia at a very young age. Sadly, he passed away from complications at a young age. In his honor, Kade’s Playground was built in Herculaneum by Unlimited Play as a surprise to his family.   

Earlier this spring, a severe weather event damaged the playground. That’s when Spire employees jumped into action to rebuild a pavilion at the playground honoring Kade.

spire employees putting a pavilion back together


Logan’s legacy

Logan Zielinski was born a happy, healthy boy who loved life. In June 2021, Logan was in an accident that took his life. As a way to honor Logan, friends and family raised funds to build Logan's Community Playground in St. Louis County, an accessible, Unlimited Play space.

And Spire employees jumped in by cleaning brush, installing parking curbs, grading and leveling dirt and framing a concrete pad for a bench.  

employees working at Logan's playground

Several employees were involved in this effort, but Spire construction team member Joseph Ogle was instrumental in organizing and overseeing this volunteer project.

“After meeting with staff members overlooking the project, there wasn’t enough I could do for this family after suffering an immense loss. Being a parent myself, I can’t begin to imagine what this family has been through. It made me realize how important the work we were doing was, and all the Spire employees involved did a great job making it happen.” – Joseph Ogle, Spire construction supervisor 

Along with volunteer efforts, Spire is also proud to provide funding support for Logan’s Community Playground, which is scheduled to officially open on July 22, 2023.  

If you want to learn more about the unique stories behind each Unlimited Play playground or other ways to support this cause, please visit their website here.