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A vital part of America’s sustainable energy future

Every day, Spire customers rely on natural gas to dry their clothes, heat their homes and cook their food. Today, communities rely on Spire for safe, dependable energy - and can rely on natural gas to be a vital part of America's sustainable energy future.

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Saving you energy and money

Explore Spire's rebates and offers to upgrade your natural gas appliances. 

Learn the facts about natural gas

Natural gas is the most reliable energy source

Studies have shown that, through some of the most severe weather, local natural gas utilities maintain service to their customers.

Natural gas is an incredibly efficient energy choice

91% of natural gas from the original source makes it directly to your home. In comparison, by the time electricity is generated and transported to you, only 36% of the original energy makes it to your home.

Switching from coal to natural gas... generate electricity has already reduced U.S. greenhouse gas emissions by an average of 53% and will likely yield even greater reductions in the future.

Choice matters

Electrification would take away your choice of using natural gas in your home or business

More than $1,000 per year in savings

U.S. households using natural gas for heating, cooking and clothes drying save more than $1,000 per year compared to homes using electricity.

Natural gas is the go-to energy source for hospitals

Hospitals rely on natural gas to provide continuous, critical and often life-saving care to their communities regardless of weather.

Upgrading infrastructure

Over the last 15 years, Spire has upgraded more than 3,900 miles of aging natural gas pipeline, while keeping customers’ bills low.

Future supply of natural gas

The estimated future supply of domestically produced natural gas is enough to support America’s diverse energy needs for more than a century.

Natural gas keeps costs low

Studies that show forced electrification could cause the average U.S. household’s energy-related costs to increase $700-$900 per year.

At Spire, we’re exploring innovative energy solutions for our customers

That's why we're committed to being a carbon-neutral company by midcentury. 


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