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About your gas meter

​​We know an accurate bill is as important to you as it is to us. 

As you use natural gas in your home or business, your gas meter measures how much gas is flowing. The Automated Meter Reading (AMR) device on your meter then captures your monthly gas usage and automatically shares it with our billing system so we only charge you for what you use.

Part of providing safe, reliable natural gas is taking care of the equipment that connects us to your home or business. Our team performs regular maintenance to make sure everything is working properly. We ask that you do the same for the internal gas lines and appliances in your home or business. By working together to keep equipment performing from end to end we’ll keep our safe and reliable energy working for you.

Frequently Asked Questions
How does Spire read my meter?

An Automated Meter Reading (AMR) device, which is installed on most gas meters, reads your meter. Spire automatically receives regular readings of your gas usage from the AMR device. This is the safest, most efficient way to measure the amount of gas used. In some service areas, our technicians manually collect readings each month.

Can I plant flowers or shrubs near my meter?

Absolutely. As long as you don't cover up the dials on your meter, you can paint your meter and plant shrubs and flowers around it as you'd like. Reminder: When digging a garden or planning any other projects that require a shovel or backhoe, call 811 before you dig. It’s free – and it’s the law.

My meter is inside my home or business. Can I have it moved outside?

We’re glad you asked. We prefer outdoor meters, too. When a meter is outside, it means fewer disruptions to your schedule when we need to perform maintenance. As part of our pipeline upgrade projects, we’re moving indoor gas meters outside when possible. Check to see if we’re upgrading pipelines in your neighborhood. 

How do I clean snow, ice or debris off my meter?

The best way to clean your meter is to gently remove objects with a small hand-held broom. Please do not hit or scrape your meter with an ice scraper or full-sized broom. And if you’re ever in doubt, let Spire help.

What do I do if I smell natural gas around my meter?

If you smell natural gas, leave the area immediately. Avoid creating a spark or turning electronic devices on and off (such as a light switch or cell phone), warn others and call our emergency line or 911 from a safe location.

What if my meter isn’t working correctly?

We want all our bills to be accurate, but sometimes the AMR device or meter might not be working properly and, therefore, not measuring your gas usage correctly. During this time we estimate how much gas you’ve used based on historical usage, weather conditions and length of the billing period. This may cause us to over- or undercharge you. But don’t worry. We’ll adjust any difference between your estimated reading and your actual usage on your next bill.

How do you maintain accuracy of the meters?

Part of providing safe, reliable natural gas is maintaining our equipment in the homes and businesses we serve. That’s why we perform regular maintenance on all our equipment, including our meters, to ensure everything is working properly. If you think your meter is inaccurate or in need of repairs, give us a call. We’d be happy to check it out.