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Our history
A legacy of service with an eye toward the future

For 160 years we’ve served people.

Lighting streets. Heating homes. Fueling businesses. Today, we’re redefining how we serve, using our energy to advance communities and enrich lives. We may be the eighth-oldest stock listed on the New York Stock Exchange, but we’re just getting started.

Here’s a look at where we’ve been and where we are today.



Naming the company after the famed French explorer who founded St. Louis, Pierre Laclede, the Missouri legislature establishes Laclede Gas Light Company to light the streets of St. Louis, create and sell natural gas and install underground pipelines to deliver gas to residents within the city limits.

Laclede Gas Light lists stock on the New York Stock Exchange with the ticker LG, making the company the eighth-longest continuously listed NYSE stock, and marking the first year ticker services are available to subscribers.

Dow Jones Industrial Average includes Laclede Gas Light in the original 12 listed companies, known as the “Dow Dozen.”

Laclede Gas Light introduces the joys of “cooking with gas” to St. Louis kitchens, offering financing programs for the growing number available gas appliances.

Laclede Gas Light's customers grow to nearly 100,000, increasing the demand for natural gas. To keep up with the high winter-time demand, Laclede purchases large quantities of gas when prices are low, using naturally occurring underground areas in St. Louis to safely store it for winter.

Laclede Energy Resources (LER) is created to market natural gas to both large retail and wholesale customers, first in St. Louis, then later to Iowa, Illinois, Arkansas and Louisiana. LER quickly becomes a regional force in the gas marketing business.

The Laclede Group becomes a public holding company, paving the way for the company’s growth by providing the flexibility to develop or acquire new businesses. Laclede Gas remains the core regulated utility business.

Spire Natural Gas Fueling Solutions launches to meet the growing fleet demands for cleaner-burning natural gas vehicles, opening the first Spire station at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport.

In the largest acquisition in its history, Laclede Gas acquires Missouri Gas Energy, expanding service to Kansas City, Joplin and St. Joseph, Mo., increasing the number of people served to 1.1 million.

The Laclede Group purchases Alabama Gas Corporation (Alagasco), the largest natural gas provider in Alabama, bringing the number of people served to 1.56 million and the number of employees to more than 3,100 across the company.

The Laclede Group announces a pipeline project to access natural gas from shale formations in the northeast. The 60-mile pipeline is expected to improve reliability and lower costs by diversifying supply sources that support customers in Missouri.

The Laclede Group’s board of directors and shareholders vote to change the company’s name to Spire Inc., a result of a multi-year effort to reimagine the company’s future in light of its growth across geographies and businesses.

Spire purchases EnergySouth, the parent company of Mobile Gas and Willmut Gas., bringing the total number of Spire customers to nearly 1.7 million and expanding the company’s footprint to Mississippi and within Alabama.


Uniting behind one name with one mission, Alagasco, Laclede Gas, Missouri Gas Energy, Mobile Gas and Willmut Gas utilities officially become Spire.