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Beyond the Boots: A Spire podcast
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Season 1: Beyond the Boots Podcast

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Episode 12

Learn about Spire's advanced meter installation from Spire's director of measurement.

Episode 11

Hear about the important role natural gas plays in economic development with Spire's director of business development, Monica Garsed.

Episode 10

Hear from Kansas City chef Jasper Mirabile — whose restaurant has been in his family for almost 70 years — on why natural gas is the preferred energy for chefs around the country.

Episode 9

Learn about our progress to become a carbon neutral company by midcentury with Vice President of Sustainability Nick Popielski.

Episode 8

Heat pumps have been making headlines lately. In this episode, Spire's residential business development manager Cliff Garrett breaks down the difference between a modern heat pump and natural gas furnaces.

Episode 7

What is the role natural gas storage plays in America's energy future? Learn more from Spire Storage president Scott Smith

Episode 6

Hear from local St. Louis education leaders about new community programs supported by Spire

Episode 5

Hear about a strategic natural gas expansion in Hattiesburg, MS

Episode 4

What does innovation mean at Spire? A closer look at how we define the topic

Episode 3

Learn about gas supply and resiliency during Winter Storm Uri

Episode 2

Learn how we're building the workforce of the future

Episode 1

Learn how we worked with poultry farmers in Ranburne, AL