Spire volunteers plant trees to help communities

Learn more about Spire's partnership with Forest ReLeaf of Missouri

Image of: Spire employee planting a tree with Forest ReLeaf

As part of Spire’s ongoing commitment to communities and the environment, we have been partnering with Forest ReLeaf of Missouri to plant and distribute trees across western Missouri.  

Spire first connected with Forest ReLeaf of Missouri in 2020. The following year, the two organizations planted 900 native trees across Missouri to provide environmental benefits, help residents save money and energy, and support recovery after tornadoes and severe storms. Then in 2022, Spire helped distribute another 1,000 trees. At that time, Spire volunteers loaded and transported the trees to sites where 25 organizations including churches, neighborhood associations and city parks picked them up at no cost. 

"We have a responsibility to care for the planet."

“For us, this partnership just makes sense,” said Nick Popielski, Spire’s head of environmental commitment.  “As a natural gas provider, we have a responsibility to care for the planet. And trees have a long-term impact on every aspect of our environment, while helping to support healthy and safe communities.” 

According to Forest ReLeaf, planting even 1,000 trees offsets over 2 billion pounds of carbon over a 30-year period; it can also intercept nearly 11 billion gallons of rainfall. 


Image of: Spire volunteers planting trees

“Spire’s continued support of Forest ReLeaf's free tree program has built significant momentum in response to the growing demand for resilient tree canopy statewide in Missouri communities,” said Meridith McAvoy Perkins, Forest ReLeaf of Missouri executive director. “The trees are part of the 10,000+ trees we distribute each year to battle climate change, biodiversity loss, and urban heat islands so people and places can thrive.”  

And Spire’s work with Forest ReLeaf continues, planting nearly 2,000 trees – and counting.