Spire expands DollarHelp funding, customer eligibility

Program poised to assist more customers

(November 21, 2022) Spire is expanding eligibility requirements for its DollarHelp program and increasing the maximum total annual DollarHelp pledge amount from $700 to $1000 to provide more help to customers who are struggling with inflation and rising costs. The company is also providing an additional $100,000 in support for the program. 

Starting November 21, Spire is offering energy assistance to customers whose household incomes are up to 300% of the federal poverty level. 

For their customers in Missouri and Alabama, Spire will expand the eligibility for DollarHelp to include individuals and families with household incomes at or below 300% of the federal poverty level (FPL), up from 150% in AL and 200% in MO. 

For Spire, it’s another option to assist customers. In fiscal year 2022, Spire helped connect customers with more than $27 million in federal, state and Spire energy assistance funding. 

“Prices for nearly everything have increased – from groceries to transportation,” said Christopher Gagliano, vice president of customer experience for Spire. “This additional funding and these important changes to DollarHelp support the needs of our customers who may not qualify for assistance through federal and state programs such as the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program or LIHEAP, but who still need our support. We understand that our customers are facing challenges, and we’re here to help.”

Spire created the DollarHelp program in 1982, as part of the company's commitment to providing resources for customers with limited incomes in the communities it serves. Spire, in collaboration with its customers, provides funding to the program on an annual basis. Now managed through the United Way, DollarHelp allows Spire customers to donate $1, monthly, to help other customers in need of assistance with their natural gas bills. 

“We have a team of experts who can help customers access these much-needed resources,” said Gagliano.

Those who are struggling with their natural gas bills are encouraged to contact Spire’s dedicated team of customer service specialists. More information about energy assistance and contact information can be found on Spire’s website at SpireEnergy.com/Assistance.

To make a gift to DollarHelp, customers can log into their Spire accounts online or call Spire's customer service team. Individuals can also make a one-time contribution without being a Spire customer. For more information on DollarHelp, visit SpireEnergy.com/DollarHelp