Customer’s home saved by tech’s quick thinking

Image of Spire employee in front of a construction site

Larin, a Spire service technician, smiles in front of a work site

Spire employees are out in the communities we serve every day. And often, that means using skills and safety expertise when something out of the ordinary arises.  

Larin, a service technician based in Monett, Missouri, was leaving a customer’s home on Feb. 29 when he noticed a fire burning in an aluminum trash can next to a nearby house. The flames had spread to the home and the man who was working outside didn't seem to notice.

That's when Larin, who before joining Spire had been a firefighter in Joplin for nine years, leapt into action. Larin instructed the homeowner to call 911 as he grabbed the fire extinguisher from his service van.  

Once he had the flames under control in that area, he noticed that there were also flames on the other side of the home's porch where a gas can sat. He quickly ran to put out that fire and another that had sprung up and was burning an electric weed eater, also right next to the house.  

As Larin's fire extinguisher was running out, a police vehicle arrived, and the officer used his fire extinguisher to help clean up some of the remaining hot spots.  

Larin noticed a woman inside the house through the open door. She was attempting to fill jugs of water to help fight the fire, but the home was now filled with smoke. Larin assisted the woman out of the home to fresh air.  

Larin didn't have much opportunity to speak with the homeowner couple, but they did quickly thank him for his help.  

"My instincts and training just kicked in." Larin said. "I was just lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time because we were changing meters in the neighborhood. In fact, I had just changed the meter at that home a few days before. I'm glad I was there and could help."