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Spire volunteers from western Missouri spent their volunteer time with Drumm Farm Center for Children

Learn more about Spire's #DayForGood with Drumm Farm Center for Children

Image of: Spire employees volunteering at Drumm Center

Spire volunteers cleaned up, painted fences, power washed and did landscaping to help beautify the Drumm Farm Center for Children, an organization that provides housing and support for homeless and foster families. Spire has volunteered at the center since 2017.         

Image of: Spire volunteers

Making an enormous impact

“Drumm appreciates the hardworking Spire volunteers who come year after year,” said Lisa Moorehouse, Drumm Farm Center for Children donor development director. “They've donated their time and talent to improve the gardens, buildings and barns on our campus. As a shining example of generosity, they are making an enormous impact on the lives of the youth at Drumm Farm Center for Children, and we’re grateful.”

The 102-year-old Drumm Farm Center for Children campus houses a 4-acre garden, small farm animals, and Drumm Market, which is open to the public.  Children on campus participate in farm operations to learn valuable life skills.